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Credentialed Ministry Level 1 - Exhorter

The licensure process of Church of God ministers is a formation process. 

Calling And Ministry Studies (CAMS) helps the applicants determine if they are called to clergy ministry, as well as providing knowledge about ministry.

There are two sections in CAMS—seminars and individual study.  The seminars which are attended by both the applicants and their spouses, provide tools so that the applicants can identify if they are called to clergy ministry.  The seminars also offer an explanation of the Christian ministry.

The individual study includes conducting personal devotions about the divine call and ministry, studying about the divine call and ministry, and writing papers about their calling and understanding of ministry.

The complete cost of the CAMS programme including all resources, exams and seminars is £715.00 (including Enrolment fee)


  • பதிப்புரிமையற்ற ஆசிரியர்கள்: Winston Taylor

Credentialed Ministry Level 2 - Ordained Minister

Completion of the Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) is required prior to obtaining Ordained Minister credentials in the Church of God.

MIP provides intensive training under the direction of a supervising pastor for a minimum period of eight months. During the training period, the candidate and spouse follow a daily schedule of spiritual, academic, and physical assignments. This involves completion of four independent study courses. The training also includes eight seminars, periodic evaluations, examinations for the independent study courses, personal counselling, and supervised ministry experience under a mentor.

At the conclusion of the training period, MIP candidates are commissioned and awarded a certificate of completion from Ministerial Development/School of Ministry. All students who successfully complete MIP will also receive 16 hours of credit from the School of Ministry. These CIMS credits may be transferred upon enrolment in any Church of God undergraduate college or university

To register on this program please complete the Leadership Training Centre Enrolment Form here

The complete cost of the MIP programme including all resources, exams and seminars is £1725.00 (including Enrolment Fee)

Credentialed Ministry Level 3 - Bishopric

The Continuing Ministerial Development Programme (CMDP) is a one-year programme. It is designed and facilitated for New Testament Church of God ministers seeking to advance from the second rank of ministry to the third rank of credential ministry - Ordained Bishop.

The candidate’s Ordained Bishop’s application form must have been completed and return to the National Office and upon the authorisation of the Administrative Bishop, the candidate is invited to undertake the CMDP at the Leadership Training Centre. On successful completion of the CMDP, candidates are instructed to study the material as contained in the Ordained Bishop’s Licensure Study Guide in preparation for the Ordained Bishops' Examination.

To register on this program please complete the Leadership Training Centre Enrolment Form here

The complete cost of the CMDP programme including all resources, exams and seminars is £475.00 (including enrolment fee)

The purpose of Pentecostal Theological Seminary's Certificate program is to help ministers within and outside the Church of God, to bring their academic development to the seminary’s entrance qualification and to enrol in the Master Degree Programs of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Our mission is to equip laity and ministers to engage ministry in local communities. Moreover, it serves as a levelling program for those seeking to expand their theological education

Study CIMS courses and achieve a total of 33 credits relevant to their practice of ministry and the three ranks of ministry as determined by the NTCG-LTC.

Transfer the total of 33 credits from the LTC CIMS program to the PTS Certificate Program.

Participate in the Seminary’s academic program to achieve 57 credits in the areas of Biblical studies, Historical and theological studies, Studies in the life and ministry of the church and pastoral formation, and ministerial related studies.

 Upon the completion of the LTC and PTS Certificate program (i.e. the diploma track, 90 credits) the graduates shall be eligible to enter a PTS Master’s degree program of their choice in accordance with the PTS Admissions policies and procedures.

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